​​​​Twice Upon a Find

"My inspiration comes from both the obvious and the unexpected... From home décor magazines and TV shows to architectural elements and nature." Sylvie

About the Owner  

Sylvie has been repurposing, refreshing and upcycling furniture and home décor for herself as well as friends and family since before it became trendy to do so. Her eye for quality coupled with her fundamental desire to be environmentally responsible has placed her on this path. 

Her professional experience as a Home Transition Specialist has increased her awareness of the multitude of available quality furniture pieces and household items offered by baby boomers as they downsize.

Giving once loved pieces a second chance to shine ...

Welcome to the future of previously owned furniture and home décor. Twice Upon a Find brings a new twist to furniture resale. By taking outdated and unwanted solid pieces and upcycling them in the latest trends, we offer an earth-friendly alternative to buying new without compromising quality and style. 

Our mission is to provide one-of-a-kind quality furniture and home décor items to the budget conscious, quality seeking and environmentally responsible consumer.